Hi! You’re probably here, because you have seen a warning banner saying something about “outdated IPv4”.

Whats the problem?

Your system, probably your network does not support the newest Internet Standard, IPv6. This means that it is not future-proof.

Why do I need IPv6?

The old IPv4-protocol provides only $2^{32} = 4294967296$ addresses. This is way to small for the current and future internet. Services cannot be reached without an public IP address. IPv6 solves this problem with $2^{128}$ addresses.

How do I get IPv6?

Many providers already have IPv6 enabled by default. If no IPv6 is available, ask your provider. If your are in a “managed” environment (corporate network, university), you probably want to ask your network administrator.

Is IPv6 really a thing?

Yes, it is! Google counts nearly half of all German connections from IPv6. There are no more unused IPv4-adresses available in Europe.

Further Information

ipv6.jetzt (German)

If you have anything to add, please contact me.

Du besuchst diese Seite mit einem veralteten IPv4-Internetzugang. Möglicherweise treten in Zukunft Probleme mit der Erreichbarkeit und Performance auf. Bitte Frage deinen Internetanbieter oder Netzwerkadministrator nach IPv6-Unterstützung.
You are visiting this site with an outdated IPv4 internet access. You may experience problems with accessibility and performance in the future. Please ask your ISP or network administrator for IPv6 support.
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