Hi! You’re probably here, because you have seen a warning banner saying something about “outdated IPv4”.

Whats the problem?

Your system, probably your network does not support the newest Internet Standard, IPv6. This means that it is not future-proof.

Why do I need IPv6?

The old IPv4-protocol provides only $2^{32} = 4294967296$ addresses. This is way to small for the current and future internet. Services cannot be reached without an public IP address. IPv6 solves this problem with $2^{128}$ addresses.

How do I get IPv6?

Many providers already have IPv6 enabled by default. If no IPv6 is available, ask your provider. If your are in a “managed” environment (corporate network, university), you probably want to ask your network administrator.

Is IPv6 really a thing?

Yes, it is! Google counts nearly half of all German connections from IPv6. There are no more unused IPv4-adresses available in Europe.

Further Information

ipv6.jetzt (German)

If you have anything to add, please contact me.