WireGuard and Linux VRFs

TL;DR Using WireGuard with VRFs under systemd-networkd. The concept When using VPNs for all of your traffic, you usually have a “private” network part (inside VPN), and a public one (public/direct internet, not trusted), which needs separation. From a practical perspective, you might want to have a Linux-based router with an “inner” default network, transported by WireGuard tunnels, and an external network for the internet, over which the VPN data is transported....

12. January 2024 · 5 min · margau

LegacyIP Warn

TL:DR How to add a warning banner to a web service, when a user visits via IPv4 User awareness for LegacyIP Recently, I got myself an IPv6-only network, and since then I’m figuring out how to design service connectivity for LegacyIP (also called IPv4). Using LegacyIP addresses in my own network is no option. My goal is to run IPv6-only services. To realise this, IPv6-Deployment must improve. As I am writing these lines, Google states roughly 50% of German requests are using IPv6....

6. September 2020 · 3 min · margau

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